Maori Fishing Calendar

Maori Fishing Calendar

The Fishing calendar is given by fishing Guru Bill Hohepa.

Its handy to know when the best days are for fishing. It is also helpful to know bite times. To know when the fish will actually feed on any given day is more of a bonus.

Many use fishing and hunting calanders world wide. If your planning a fishing trip check out Bills Calendar. Bill has over 30 years of fishing experience and has learnt a thing or two about fishing. It's a fact that there are many variables that contribute to fish and feeding habits. We all know that the moon has a major affect on tides. Bills knowledge of tides in relation to moon phases can greatly increase your chances of catching more fish.

I personally am a great believer in fishing the moon phases and I will always refer to Bills and other fishing calendar's to see how they all come together especially on the days I want to go out. Remember fishing calendar's are only a basic guide. Apart from the Moon Phases there are also the barometric pressure, water temperature and weather temperature (Seasons) to consider.

Click here to see Bills Maori Fishing Calendar

Fish the Orange Moon

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Fishing is one of New Zealand's most popular recreational activities. Every year a large number of finfish, rock lobster and shellfish are taken by recreational fishers, which can seriously affect local fisheries. This means it is important for all fishers to act responsibly and help conserve the resource

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