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No matter what we call them Bands, rubber bands, bungy cords, are the missing link to catching fish. There are many kinds of Rods, Lines, and reels. But before all the modern technology we had hand lines. All our ancestors used them and they caught just as many fish as we do today.

Today we have recreational fishers, we have commercial fishers, sport fishers, and those who fish for trophies. Our ancestors only fished for food, they never caught and released they fished for survival, there are many today who still fish to feed their families. I used to be one of those who fished because my family relied on what I fished and hunted.

Since coming up and using the Band Fishing Rig I have had many old-timers tell me how they used some type of bungy rig to catch fish.

Bungy Docking Rings

are used by sheep farmers. They put a docking ring on a lamb usually when they around 7 to 10 days old, as the lamb grows the band will ensure the tail eventually drops off. This is considered by many as the most humane method to de tail lambs.

These docking rings were also used by some for fishing, they would tie there main-line to a docking ring and attach their terminal tackle to the ring as well and that was it. The ring worked the same as the Band Fishing rig.

Another method they used was to tie a strong piece of string or braided line (the braided line we used as kids look more like rope compared to the braided lines of today)to the docking ring, Attach their main-line to the ring throw it out and just leave it tied to a tree. A set line

I have tried this method off fishing using the Docking Ring it worked well on the smaller fish but didn’t go to well on the Bigger fish. The line cut into the ring and snapped.

Using Bike Tubes to catch the Big Snapper

Bike tubes

Another old-timer told me he used to use tubes from push bikes, as a bungy cord. He used to cut them into strips of around a foot long. He then tied one end to his main-line then his terminal rig to the other end. His terminal rig was a 2 hook dropper with a 4oz sinker. He used nothing less the 10/0 hooks big baits. He put most of the success he had to his bike tube method.

When he saw the Band fishing rig he was blown away. He told me he tried to figure out a way to use his bike tube concept as a viable commercial project that could assist in the way people caught fish.

So the concept is not new at all using a Band of some description has been used for a long time. The goal we all have when we go fishing is not to hook onto fish just to have them to break off we want to actually land them, then we have the choice to keep them or throw them back. Band Fishing rigs are designed to keep fish on the hook and that’s exactly what they do.

Natural Rubber

Band Fishing Rubber Tree

Natural rubber, also called India Rubber or caoutchouc, is an elastomer (an elastic hydrocarbon polymer) that was originally derived from latex, a milky colloid produced by some plants. The plants would be ‘tapped’, that is, an incision made into the bark of the tree and the sticky, milk colored latex sap collected and refined into a usable rubber. The purified form of natural rubber is the chemical polyisoprene, which can also be produced synthetically. Natural rubber is used extensively in many applications and products, as is synthetic rubber. It is normally very stretchy and flexible and extremely waterproof.

What is Natural Rubber and Where Does it Come From?

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