Deep sea fishing with Braid

Deep sea fishing using braid line Braid has far less stretch then monofilament it keeps you in touch with whatever terminal tackle your using. For the size of the line its much stronger.

Why use Braid Line?

Braid is a fabric spun into line using microfiber technology containing thousands of micro spun fibres. It has almost zero stretch and very close to no line memory unlike it's cousin monofilament (nylon) line. Once only used by the elite, has now become common place and is used by all who choose to give it a go.Braid line is not recommended for the beginner, but once you use braid it's hard to go back to the nylon stuff. Especially when used for deep sea fishing. Braid is much thinner making it far easier for the fishermaen to stay in contact with the end of your line and the fish, no matter what depth. You will be able to use much lighter leads to hold the bottom. Braid has far less resistance to tides and currents making it far easier to fish in in any depths. When fishing the dark blue, using braid, sinkers or jigs will get to the bottom far quicker then those who are using nylon. And if your using nylon amongst braid then your nylon will be no match if it gets tangled the Braid line will slice through it with no trouble whatsoever. Braid lines will fall directly to the bottom a lot faster then the nylon this means you get to fish quicker and many times I have seen the Braid lines pulling in the fish before the nylon even gets to the Bottom.

Because of the almost zero stretch that Braid has there is far more chance of your fish ripping off, this the reason most people go for slightly softer rods then normal . The reason for this is to have some type of "shock absorber". Will now you don't have to worry the Band Fishing Rig is the missing link. Giving you all the shock resistance that's needed. The result is a much better hook up rate.For Free Download of how to load the Band onto Braid for deep sea fishing click here The diagram below is the same that we use for Nylon and Braid.The Bonus of using the Band with Braid is how easy it is to attach. We us the basic uni Knot to tie the Braid the split ring and just attach the leader line as normal to the other Split Rig. Keep it simple.

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If you read what I wrote about on the Using Harakeke page you will see that nature makes it's own version of the Modern day super braid.or return to Top of Page

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